The Icelandic Association for Search & Rescue is one of the cornerstones of emergency response in the country. Whenever people find themselves in trouble at land or at sea, or a large scale incident occurs, its over 4500 volunteers are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

The ongoing volcanic unrest and potential eruption at Grindavík is a perfect example – about four hundred members of ICE-SAR are working around the clock to monitor the situation, provide locals with safe access to their damaged homes, and help with recovering items from them. Groups are coming in from across the country, ready to spend time away from their own families and regular lives to assist those in need.

All of this work is voluntary and unpaid, and all equipment and expenses are funded by donations alone.

Besides being an active member of the local search & rescue team, our company has also been donating to the association for many years.

However, we can always do more, and do better.

Therefore I decided to add an option to my website that allows you to directly add a donation to bookings of any day tour. And, to make it even better, I will double the amount you choose – you pledge ISK 5.000, and I’ll add another ISK 5.000 to make it an ISK 10.000 donation.

To verify my promise, I will email you a screenshot of the transfer within 48 hours of our tour. Since you can book my tours without paying immediately, and everything is 100% refundable in case of cancellations, I think this is the best way to keep it simple and accountable.

If you would like to support ICE-SAR without making a booking, you can of course also do so directly on their website as well.

ISK 114400

Donated so far by 16 amazing customers!

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