In need of some last-minute outdoor shopping for gear that you forgot to pack? Did the rugged Icelandic terrain eat your shoes? Would you like to pick up an extra pair of gloves?

There are quite a few outdoor shops in the Reykjavík area that carry a wide selection of outdoor and mountain clothing, boots, backpacks, and gear, for example (in no particular order):

Of course we also have a number of well known Icelandic brands with their own stores in Reykjavík, Akureyri and other locations, such as:

In East Iceland, Vaskur (, Sólvangur 5, 700 Egilsstaðir ) carries a wide range of outdoor brands and boots.

Outside of Reykjavík, you will have opportunities in some towns (such as the Icewear stores in Vík or Akureyri) but it may be a bit more difficult. However, for rugged rain clothing, gloves, many hardware stores also carry a selection of rain gear and rubber boots that will keep you dry even if the rain comes horizontally. They have stores in major towns all around the country so you should almost always find one nearby.

  • Byko ( | select “Verslanir” to see a list of store addresses )
  • Húsasmiðjan ( )

Even larger gas stations tend to carry a small selection of solid work / rain clothing, work boots and/or gloves.