stepman’s Cleanup Days

Help us preserve and protect the environment we enjoy.

We dedicate one day every month for beach or roadside cleanup, or other environmental restoration in the Hornafjörður area. This is our opportunity to give back to the nature we enjoy. We announce meeting points and time one week prior to each date by email and on our facebook group. Volunteers joining us in our efforts will receive a 15% discount for our tours and guest house.

The itinerary differs depending on where we go, but we generally meet directly at the location, and spread out to collect as much garbage as we can from a beach site, walk along roads picking up everything we find, use gardening tools to remove visible tire tracks from illegal off-road driving, or build protections against erosion, etc. We may be done in a few hours, but we generally aim to work for about 6 hours. If you can only spare a shorter time, all help is still highly appreciated.

Bring clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or damaged, and work gloves. Garbage bags and knives have also proven useful in the past. If other tools may be useful, we will announce this in our email leading up to the cleanup date. 

Don't forget to pack some snacks and something to drink.

We announce the exact time and meeting point five days prior to the cleanup day, so please be sure to specify a valid email address. We may also have to cancel / postpone cleanup activities due to weather or other circumstances. The cutoff of one week in advance helps us plan and prepare; if you would like to join us on shorter notice, please contact us directly.

Details will also be discussed in our Facebook group.

The 15% discount is a non-refundable one-time discount for one person. It only applies to direct bookings (via email) and cannot be combined with other offers.

Important: Participation is entirely at your own risk. Gloves and other protective clothing is highly recommended to avoid injury from sharp items we might handle.

participationFREEof charge!

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