Around Vestrahorn

The Vestrahorn hike is now finally available for online booking! Did this tour a few times already this fall and we were always blessed with amazing weather. The way I have laid out the tour it can be done as a half-day point-to-point hike from Papós over to Stokksnes, or we can traverse the Kex mountain pass and circle back to Papós. This is actually not that much longer, but going up the loose scree slopes to Kex after a few hours of hiking can be pretty tough. The usual way to do the entire loop is to come up from Papós first (where the slopes are much gentler) and come down over the loose scree, but I prefer the flexibility of starting along the coastline and then always having the option of taking Kex to loop back or just staying low and arranging pickup from Stokksnes.

In any case, it is such a great way to explore the rugged coastline in my neighborhood.