Update on the mapping project

Some may have noticed that my glacier mapping project has been on a bit of a hiatus. The reason is a combination of lack of opportunity and technical difficulties.

The weather has not been very favorable to fly in the area I have been mapping, and many of my tours in the past months have led me to other places so there was little chance for an opportunistic approach. Also, one of the batteries for my drone has become unusable in the fall, and the remaining two packs are insufficient to capture new maps except in absolutely perfect conditions. To make matters worse, I have two brand new batteries in front of me right now, but both are dead on arrival (will not take a charge) so I will have to return them and wait for replacements to arrive. With the holidays upon us, I doubt this will change before well into the new year.

However my motivation to continue and perhaps even expand the maps is high as ever, and I am looking forward to publishing the next update!