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Mapping project updates

My opportunistic mapping project has been on a bit of a hiatus throughout the past year due to ongoing issues with computer hardware and lack of access to a drone… fortunately both have been resolved recently, and I went out for a brief test flight on a tour a few days ago. Due to time […]

Community Training Days!

A few years ago I organised informal training days for the guides in the area, and I have decided to bring those back and with more structure, with a half day per month dedicated to those activities. Those days are not at all intended as a full-on course to learn new skills, but more as […]


Right place, right time. I hadn’t been in this particular area of the glacier for about a month, so I knew this structure was likely to be still around but neither its condition nor at which time we would arrive there. It all lined up, the sun was in the perfect spot and just enough […]

GPS Coordinates and Navigation in Iceland

A recent search & rescue mission brought up an interesting topic that I thought would be worth writing about in more detail. Part of the difficulty in this mission was to locate the party in distress due to the inaccuracy / miscommunication of their position, despite them carrying a GPS device which should provide a […]

VAKINN Certified!

I am very proud to announce that we have received the VAKINN quality and environmental certification for tourism in Iceland! This is a huge step for us and puts us in the company of a small number of companies that are dedicated to the highest standards in environmentalism and quality – at this time only […]

No more open slots for ice cave tours

I have no more open dates for any ice cave tours this season. My calendar is completely full until late March, with waiting lists for some dates. Due to the warming temperatures and expected deterioration of the ice caves I will not accept additional bookings for the final week of March or into April. This […]


Unfortunately the bookings system seems to currently have a bit of a glitch and shows days in the calendar as available even though they are in fact fully booked — so when one then goes ahead and selects that day it gets confused and fails to present any open departure times. I apologize for the […]